Designing new website for consept EATMOVESLEEP

Website: Designer and making wireframes

Bama renamed "Bendit" to "EATMOVESLEEP". Central to the renewed concept was communicating the importance of healthy eating, physical activity, and sleeping well and enough. Part of the project´s phase 1 strategy was a presence at Norwegian soccer arrangements. Here, children could participate in various "challenges" arranged by Bama, to collect points for earning prizes. They could register at to view their scores, etc.

Our job was to design a website for kids participating in Bamas challenges at the soccer arrangements. also needed the website to be useful for soccer cup arrangers. Here, they could e.g. find food recipies suited for larger numbers of children, etc.

A platform that promotes the "EATMOVESLEEP" concept, while being fun for kids and informative for adults.